Hi my name is

Allan Andreasen

I am highly motivated and ambitious, having a proven ability to lead by example, manager of 45 direct reports. Have worked with many different tasks, highly resourceful, flexible and ambitious and enjoys the challenge of working across a broad range of trades. Background includes 4years working as a fitter with NEG-Micon and 12 years of experience in Maersk oil working on hydrocarbon systems. Present technical manager on Gorm, an Oil & Gas production platform in the North Sea.

Name:            Allan Andreasen

DOB:               24 marts 1974

Nationality:  Danish

Phone:            (0045) - 53640524


Address:         Tinbaekparken 41, Skovby

                          8464 Galten, DK


As a person I am extrovert energetic, focused and thrive in an environment with high pace and where the challenges are many. I take pride in carrying out work safely and on time. I can work independently and make decisions under pressure. I am service-minded and welcoming and I like to work where the focus is on making a difference, not only for me, but especially for colleagues and employer.

Has built a solid foundation with professional competencies within


Responsible for personnel administration and management of maintenance and construction assistants, foremen and technicians, including contractor personnel and hired personnel

Responsible for training of maintenance and construction personnel

Responsible for optimised use of the available work force by ensuring that work schedules are efficiently administered and that regulations regarding resting periods are adhered to

Ensure that the technical department generally works toward fulfilment of Production Operations KPI

Safety and Environment

Ensure that all activities are performed with due consideration to personal safety, process safety and the environment

Ensure that all relevant procedures and guidelines are adhered to; this includes Management of Change procedures

Actively participate in the ongoing safety work in accordance with the platform’s safety programme and initiate further safety measures as required

Prepare written risk assessments as required by the extent and nature of a given job to document that all risks have been reduced according to the ALARP principle (As Low As Reasonably Practicable)

Ensure that all accidents, minors and near-miss incidents are reported according to procedures

Maintenance and Construction Activities

Responsible for all maintenance activities with a view to ensuring continuous operation of the production plant

Responsible for execution of repair work as required to re-establish operation of the production plant in case of breakdown or failure

Responsible for execution of preventive maintenance as planned (PM check)

Responsible for all construction activities being performed in accordance with job cards and approved project material

Responsible for supervision of ongoing work and for documentation of maintenance, repair work and new installations according to procedures



Maersk Oil & Gas Offshore (Technical Manager)


Maersk Oil & Gas Offshore (Production/Maintenance Assistant)


Maersk Oil & Gas Offshore (Production Technician)


Neg-Micon (Wind Turbine Fitter)


Cekan/CDT (Service Technician)


Vald.Birn A/S (CNC Lathe Machine Operator)


Bang & Olufsen (Industrial Engineers-Productions)


English on C level at grammar-school level (Engineer College of Aarhus)

Physics on B level at grammar-school level (VUC Aarhus)

Mathematics on B level at grammar-school level (VUC Aarhus)

Danish on C level at grammar-school level (Engineer College of Aarhus)

Apprenticeship Industrial Engineers-Productions, Bang & Olufsen (Struer)

Elementary, Machine line, Holstebro Technical School

10th graduating class, Soenderlands School, Holstebro

Language Skills

DanishSpeak, read and write at expert level

EnglishSpeak, read and write at high level



IT Skills

SAPSolid knowledge

OfficeBasic knowledge of office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

OSGood knowledge, windows operating systems

Training / Courses


Frontline Leadership Development Programme (Impact International)


Danish Emergency Refresher Team Course

Resilience Course

Career Discussion Training

Basic Fraud Awareness course

Hydrocarbon Leak Awareness training

L-AUS & A-AUS Refresher


Leading Others (5days in house training course)

Introduction to safety critical elements management processes (SCE)

Offshore mob boat captain refresher, (Svitser, Esbjerg)

Mosaic S101 Basic Awareness


Machinery Dynamics of Rotating Equipment (Lloyd's Register ODS A/S)


Mechanical Seal 3day course (John Crane)

Noise on Offshore Installations (Lloyd´s Register ODS)


Danish Emergency Team Refresher ( Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

P3B, Advanced Production/Processing Operations (J.M.Campbell)

OSP 13 Oil and Chemical Spills offshore

L-AUS & A-AUS Refresher

Danish H2S Refresher (Danbor, Esbjerg)

Refrigeration, design and operation of refrigeration systems (AMU-Jyske craftsman school)

Risk Assessment ( Refresher)

Incident Free (Orientation session)

First Aid (Refresher)


ATEX (EUC-Vest, Esbjerg)

Offshore mob boat captain, (Svitser, Esbjerg)

Offshore lifeboat captain, (Svitser, Esbjerg)


Motivation and Conflict Handling (Maersk Training Centre)

Crisis Management (Cubion)

Water Technology (David McKenzie)

Offshore Work Environment (DA)

Danish Emergency Team Refresher ( Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

Danish H2S Refresher (Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

P3A, Advanced Production/Processing Operations (J.M.Campbell)

First Aid (Danish Red Cross)

Security Management (Maersk inhouse course)


3 days Crane Gripping (EUC-Vest, Esbjerg)

Danish Emergency Team Leader  (Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

Chemical Safety (Maersk Oil & Gas, Safety & Environment Department)

Clampon Particle Monitoring (ABB Automation)

Lifeboat Captain Whittaker (STMS, Esbjerg)

Advanced Central Control Room (ESD Simulation Training)

Risk Assessment and permit to work (Maersk Olie & Gas)

L-AUS & A-AUS Refresher (Mutex, Esbjerg)


A120, Advant Station 500 Operator Station (ABB – Odense)

L-AUS & A-AUS Refresher (Mutex, Esbjerg)


Process & Production Safety (Maersk Oil & Gas)

P2 Campbell (J.M. Campbell)

Instrument pipe fitter (EUC-Vest, Esbjerg)

Norm- Naturally occurring radioactive material


Behavior Safety (Maersk Oil & Gas Safety & Environment Department)

Instrumentation & Calibration (EUC Vest, Esbjerg)

Pipefitter refresh (EUC-Vest, Esbjerg)

Uni-Safe Mob-Boat (Danish offshore school, Esbjerg)

Lifeboat Captain (Danish offshore school, Esbjerg)

Danish Helicopter Landing Officer (Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

Danish H2S Basic (Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)

Danish Emergency Team (Falck Nutec, Esbjerg)


G330W-ACS 667 Wind Turbine Drive, Operation and Maintenance (ABB, Helsinki)

A-Aus Basic Course (Odense Technical School)

L-AUS Basic Course (Odense Technical School)


9 § Security Group Work Training (Jutland BST-center Jutland A/S)


Customer / Supplier Relations in the company (AMU – Jutland)

Personal safety when working with epoxy resins and isocyanates (AMU – Jutland)

Fall Arrest & Rescue (ResQ A/S)

Machinery Directive -Content & Consequences (Technological Institute)


Basic course in first aid (Holstebro Technical School)

Personal Interest

I enjoy a good bike ride and a fishing trip every now and then, otherwise, I appreciate being home enjoying my free time with my family and friends



The Andreasen